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Rules Of Martial Fitness

1. Courtesy and respect must be shown to all Instructors, Staff and Members of Martial Fitness. Visitors as well as students must abide by the rules. 
2. The Centre reserves the right to refuse admission or to terminate the training of any member who is continually late for class, unsuitably dressed, disrespectful or whose behaviour is detrimental to the standards of the centre.
3. Members using foul language, fighting, stealing or vandalising will instantly be dismissed.
4. Members must wear full uniform at all classes and gradings, as well as full sparring protection. To avoid injury to yourself and other members, no jewellery of any kind should be worn.
5. Good personal hygiene must be maintained. Nails must be cut to practical lengths. If hair is long, it must be tied back. Cleanliness is essential and every member should wear a clean uniform at all times.
6. Show respect when entering and leaving the mat, to your Instructor after demonstration and to your partner before and after practice.

7. No talking, chewing or drinking is allowed during class.
8. The Instructor is there to teach you and to answer your questions. Listen to your Instructor as this will help to achieve maximum progress and avoid injury to yourself and other members. Never answer your Instructors back and follow all instructions given, even though they may not always be to your liking. The Instructors word is final and must always be obeyed. 
9. Sparring at Martial Fitness is semi- contact. Always show respect to your partner and never hit full power. During sparring never target the groin or knee areas, or use tiger claw, spinning back fist strike, dragon tooth or hook kick techniques.
10. Never loose your temper whatever the circumstances. An attitude of sportsmanship is strongly emphasised; members should aim to create a friendly and happy atmosphere in the class and to train with the spirit of comradeship. Members should attain a high moral standard.
These rules must be adhered to at all times for personal safety and to keep the centre in smooth working order. Disciplinary action will be taken at any violation of the above rules. Intentional disobedience will result in suspension or expulsion from the centre. Discipline is an essential part of Martial Arts, if you do not observe our rules you will not be welcome in the centre and membership in extreme cases may be revoked.
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