1. Get Registered 

All our existing members with current live memberships need to register before their first visit back to the Centre. But don't panic it's easy! Just click on the JOIN UP button above & complete the short login form. We'll approve you asap!

2. Validate your Membership & select your plan 

Click on on the PLAN button above & select membership as if you are going to join for the first time but just leave it in your bag unpaid. Let us know & the Ninjas will adjust the renewal period for you so you still get all of the remaining period you've already paid for until it's time to renew next time! 

If you'd like to opt for a monthly plan for the first time just choose the best one for you & follow the instructions.

If you're already on monthly plan & paying by STO, just select your existing plan & leave it in your bag unpaid like before, & the Ninjas will work their magic & update it monthly for you. They work in mysterious ways...

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