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A Personal Trainer can help motivate & mentor you in a return to exercise,

push pass a life hurdle, launch you into a new regime or just kick your butt when it’s needed!


Whether you're looking to transform yourself, get prepared for a special occasion or event, overcome a challenge that lies ahead or just simply want to gain a better quality of life by making positive changes to your lifestyle - we can help you reach your goal.


Group classes don't always suit everyone, & sometimes schedules don't fit in with you.


We also recognise that everyone is an individual who requires a bespoke approach to their training programme, as well as a personal investment from your trainer to keep you on track & motivated. Someone to keep pushing you to stay on top form, or just help you feel saner in a mad world. For a short while the world stops, it's just about you, for you.


Individual attention & focus can be ideal to progress faster through your martial arts or boxing career – helping you overcome technical or confidence issues, refine your skills or prepare for an event.

Our focus is to bring the best out of you & add balance back into your life. 


Sessions are tailormade to meet your objectives. You choose whether to include martial arts or boxing, or just mix it up to get a varied workout that brings out the best of you physically & mentally.


As you make decisions for positive change, battle to overcome life’s obstacles or take on a new challenge, having a trainer by your side working with you to keep you on track can be the difference between making it or giving in.


We won’t let you give in.


Sessions are available 1:1, 1:2 & as a small group as single sessions or in sets of 5+. You're just one step away from creating positive change - get in touch!

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